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Maker Space Experience 
And PE Enrichment

MakerSpace Experience       

 Come learn how things work, then experience the freedom to create and build on your own. The definition of maker space is a place in which people with shared interests, can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge. Campers will have some freedom to create while the teacher serves as a facilitator. Each week there will be lesson then time to build a project to take home

Thursday 3:15-4:15

PE Enrichment 

Join us for some extra fun and games every Friday afternoon at Assumption Catholic School. Each week there will be a sports theme, students will have a blast getting out all their energy before they come home on Friday afternoons.. There will be age appropriate activities and groups.

Friday 3:15-4:15

You get to take home every project and extra supplies to take apart and rebuild over and over again.
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