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PE Camp 

A Coach Polster's Camp Favorite

Do you love capture the flag, basketball, kickball, tennis baseball, flag football, freeze tag  and any other fun and physically active games? If so, PE CAMP is the camp for you. You can learn new games and play some of your old favorites. Come all day or just 9:00-12:00.  Snowcones will be passed out at 11:45. During PE camp we will be playing a variety of indoor and outdoor games that are suitable for all ages.

We will be playing classic board games inside to all the fun activities outside such as:
*Tug of war, *4 Square, *Jump Rope Contest, *Hula Hoop Contest, *Dodgeball, *Wall Ball,
*Scooter race, *indoor & outdoor Soccer, *Basketball,  *Bowling, *Tennis baseball, *Tennis,
Softball, *Flag Football, *Obstacle Course, *Hand Ball, *Kick Ball, *Capture the Flag,   
*Cone Ball, *6 Circles, *Freeze Dance


All camp activities will be based on the camp theme from 9:00-12:00, after lunch campers will choose if they want to participate in favorite PE games or rotating stations from art to makerspace, game room, etc. You can register for camp from 9:00-12:00 or 9:00-3:30.

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